Sapporo Hokuyu Hospital
社会医療法人北楡会 札幌北楡病院

Sapporo Hokuyo Hospital is mid-size private hospital with 281 beds, located in the heart of Sapporo. One of the major missions of our institute is to promote advanced medicine as well as to offer open medical access to the general public and the hospital is also accompanied by a research center. We have three major expertises including oncology, kidney diseases and transplantation.

The Department of Urology is in charge of the TULSA treatment and the treatment is performed at the MRI-Guided Ultrasound Prostate Treatment Center in hands of the multi-disciplinary team, consisting of urologists, medical engineers, nurses, radiological technologists, anesthesiologists, coordinators, and affiliated radiologists. We are eager to provide this novel technology which adds new value to patient care for prostate cancer. We are also pleased to be able to a member of providers of this significant innovation in the field of prostate cancer treatment.

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Sapporo Hokuyu Hospital

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